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Bismarck Canvas, Inc has been offering leading edge products made with the best materials available since 1994. With products like Pro-Lok® Roll Tarp Systems, Dura-Trap® Electric Hopper Opener and EXT® Electric Tarp Conversion, Bismarck Canvas, Inc® demonstrates the value in simple modern designs and recognizes the importance of constant advancements.

All of the products offered are constructed for years of use. Replacement tarps and parts are available for a variety of roll tarp systems and easily shipped throughout the USA. Located in the heart of North Dakota, BC's interstate location provides easy access for shipping and receiving.

We combine durability, strength and quality craftsmanship. If you're looking for the best in tarping systems, you've come to the right place. Our sales representatives are always available to answer any of your questions. Call now at 701-673-3777 or toll free at 1-800-598-1203.

Industrial & Agricultural

Automotive Pick Up Tonneau covers & collapsible pick up soft tops

Tarp Central

Tarp Central specializes in industrial/agricultural tarps.

Tarp Central


This is Fas-Top. A patented, dynamic combination of a tonneau cover and soft top working together to fit your life. The dual cover system reconfigures in less than a minute.


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Tarps and Covers for Agriculture Transportation

When shipping your agricultural goods across the country, keeping your product secure during transportation is important. Agricultural tarping systems act as lids to your shipping containers, ensuring that your supply is protected.

Bismarck Canvas, Inc is a leading company for manual and roll top tarp systems in Menoken & Bismarck, ND. We partner with Tarp Central and Fas-Top products to ensure you have everything you need in a tarping system.

Check out our commercial and personal product lines.

Dependable Tarps & Soft Tops You Can Rely On

At Bismarck Canvas, we understand that keeping your crops and products secure is important to your livelihood. Our representatives specialize in finding the right solutions for your tarping system needs. You'll appreciate our:

Superior customer service

Innovative tarp solutions

Two full lines of tarp products

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